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Produced for Yeovil Town Council to help in the towns Remembrance Sunday 2020 commemerations honouring the fallen armed forces men and women, as well as serving members who put their lives at risk in the protection of Great Britain in the absence of the annual events due to covid-19 restrictions and shown on the councils Facebook page and social media.

This video created for Leonardo Helicopters is to help promote their UK based Training Academy to showcase the world class facilities and​ expertise the Training Academy has to offer.

A video produced for AgustaWestland / Leonardo Helicopters for use at a handover ceremony, An introduction to the Royal Navy Merlin Mk2 helicopter.

This video was created for AgustataWestland now Leonardo Helicopters to showcase the companys extensive Maritime capabilities.

This is an internal/external communications video produced for AgustaWestland reviewing the accomplishments and challenges of their UK transmissions department from a few years ago.

This video was created for AgustaWestland now Leonardo Helicopters for their capability concept demonstration of the Rotary Wing U​nmanned Aerial System (RWUAS) using a remotely piloted helicopter. The project aims to land an AgustaWestland-built optionally piloted helicopter on a Royal Navy ship.

A great promo video produced by us for the Warwickshire & Northamptonshire Air Ambulance service to help raise awareness of this vital lifesaving service.

This was a fun promo video created for local swinging jazz duet Chris & Sue of Fine Whines.

On 11th August 1986, a Lynx helicopter (G-LYNX), built in Yeovil by Westland (now Leonardo helicopters), flew over a 15km course on the Somerset Levels at an average speed of 440.87 km/h (249.1 mph) and was officially recognised by the Federation Aeronautique Internationale.

In doing so, it became the world’s fastest helicopter and set a World Helicopter Speed Record that has never been beaten.

To mark the 30th anniversary of this great British achievement, a stone plaque was unveiled at a point half-way along the route flown by G-LYNX in 1986, in the village of Westhay, nr Glastonbury, on the 11th August 2016.